Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue 30×231 Jumbo Rolls 30-pack Review

Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue 30x231 Jumbo Rolls 30-pack

  • The softness you love along with the strength that still lets you use 4X less than the leading bargain brand.
  • Irresistible softness, so you and your family can really Enjoy the Go.
  • A unique cushiony texture that is soft, absorbent and considered America’s softest bath tissue

Give your family even more of the comforting softness they love with Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper. It’s unique Comfort Cushions are softer, 75% more absorbent and you can use up to 4X Less.* Charmin Ultra Soft Jumbo Roll has wider sheets** and is considered America’s Softest bath tissue.*** We all go; those who go with Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper really Enjoy the Go.

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